Andy Murray with the Wimbledon trophy

77 years in the waiting, more than a British Champion: Andy Murray is a global brand icon.

In the last twelve months, Andy Murray – Britain’s first Grand Slam winner in 76 years – has already earned $12m (£7.5m).   Now, in spectacularly winning Wimbledon  – picking up a further  £1.6m in prize money, up £450,000 on last year, Murray has become more than a national legend. As the first Brit since Fred Perry (77 years ago) to lift the Wimbledon trophy, he is a global brand icon.  That gives him Platinum status – belonging to a brand sporting elite that includes the Big Four Federer, Rafael Nadal and Djokovic.
Murray’s career prize money has already passed $23 million (£14.3 million). The Wimbledon conquest easily makes him a serious contender to collect at least around £20m in advertising and brand endorsements by this time next year.

The back-story of the bad boy / underdog made good, is sweet nectar to corporations looking to identify their brands with core markets.  In today’s market, consumers no longer instinctively identify with overly clean-cut and so seemingly marketing-manufactured celebs. Murray fits the profile.

Game, set brand match to Murray

Reportedly Murray, 25, already has brand deals with the likes of Adidas, Royal Bank of Scotland and Jaguar. His five-year contract with Adidas, signed three years ago, was worth as much as $5 million (£3.2 million), pushing his earnings last year both on and off the court to $12 million (£7.4 million), according to Forbes.

Murray was also said to have recently signed a seven-figure deal with the watchmakers Rado.

The highest-earning tennis star, Roger Federer, signed a contract worth an estimated £10 million to promote Rolex in 2006, which was said to be the biggest deal an athlete has signed with a watchmaker.

It took some time to get there – but at last, thanks to Andy Murray, a British tennis champion brand is back as world respected and demanded leader.


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